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About Cristina

18 years of practice

Cristina (she, her) earned her degree as a clinical psychologist at the University in Oslo, Norway, in 2004. During her studies, she traveled abroad to study at University of Sydney, as well as doing research at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ. 


Since earning her degree, Cristina thought it was important to put some time in where help was really needed. She worked in the field and as an Assistant Director for a community behavioral health program targeting kids and families in crisis in Philadelphia. In 2011, after having been home with her son for a year and a half, Cristina started working in more of a private practice setting: First in an established practice, then she built her own practice in PA and NJ.


When not a therapist, Cristina enjoys being a devoted and sometimes a little overly active and doting mother, and is balancing her time between her many interests. Cristina finds great outlets in playing music with her band (she plays guitar, sings and is a songwriter), hiking, yoga, traveling (she has been to 45+ countries), skiing, making and eating good food, socializing, and any form of active exercise. She used to be an avid fighter and has 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo, -- but she has learnt that time does not allow for all her passions to be actualized. Cristina likes excitement and adventures, and is a strong believer that you don’t stop playing because you grow old, -- you grow old because you stopped playing.  

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