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Information on mental health

There are so many resources online, but also some information that may not be entirely science-based. I recommend articles from verified journalists and generally publications that are citing real psychological research. I often find that the magazine Psychology Today has many well-written articles. 

Here are a handful of readings or videos I enjoy and often recommend to my clients to read or watch: 

Couples Therapy

On Mental Responsibility

On communication and how to argue well 

On positive reinforcement

Emotional burden on women in relationship

Individual self-growth 



Male relationships

Women’s tendency to over-apologize 

Sadness is not so bad - video 

Attachment theory in the workplace 

Motivation - video


Why we can’t just wait for motivation - video 


Teaching empathy


Parental guilt 

Network of Skilled, Local Professionals

Psychiatry/Medical management

Psychiatry/Medical management

Psychiatry/Medical management

Pain Management/ Ketamine assisted treatment

Dr Tom Scott

Case management / Recovery 

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Treatment Placement 
Acadia Treatment Specialist

Substance abuse 

Suicidality and Substance abuse

Addiction and Connectivity

In the event of a crisis:

If you are feeling suicidal or like you can no longer go on and need serious help getting through your day please call 911. You can also reach out to these resources: 

Text line: text help to 741741 - where someone will always respond any time of the day. 

Suicide hotline: (1)800-273-8255

In PA mobile crisis unit 215-685-6440

In NJ mobile crisis unit (1)877-652-7624

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